Bluescape Pool and Spa - Pool and Spa Construction, Cleaning and Maintenance Company, Central Florida.  

Bluescape Pool and Spa Comercial Services

BLUESCAPE Pool Service & Supply provides all chemicals, parts, and repairs to Central Florida’s Commercial and Public Pools.


These are some of our Services:

  • Leak Detection - We find and fix all leaks
  • All Repairs - Replacement motors for any pump, Pumps, Filters, Lights, Chlorinators, Pool And Spa Heaters, Automation, Filter Grid Replacement, and SVRS Protection.


Swimming Pool Maintenance

  Is there not enough time to clean your pool and do maintenance at the same time? BLUESCAPE can help. We offer weekly pool service up to 7 days a week, and our service techs are capable of handling any size pool. All Service techs are CPO Certified.

  • Weekly pool service includes all chemicals, all cleaning, water testing, balance and swimming pool logs.


Swimming Pool and Spa Parts

 We deliver all types of pool parts and maintenance supplies (vacuums, hoses, poles, etc), All chemicals for your pool delivered such as Bleach, Sticks, Acid, D.E., Clarifiers, Bicarb, Soda Ash, and Cal Hypo Tablet system. Call for full listing!


VersaChlor™ Authorized dealer

Ideal for hotel, motel, apartment and condominium (HMAC) pool and spa applications, the VersaChlor™ system from PPG Industries delivers cyanuric acid-free chlorine at a predictable rate to allow for optimum sanitizer performance in water. This makes the VersaChlor system a particularly smart replacement for trichlor feeders which can contribute to low pH and destruction of alkalinity, as well as increasing levels ofcyanuric acid (CYA) in pools and spas.

The VersaChlor Easy Feed system combines rugged chlorinators with patented erosion-control calcium hypochlorite (cal-hypo) tablets to provide sanitizing power for pools and spas from 500 gallons to 80,000 gallons. Call Us for more information and Pricing

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Bluescape Pool and Spa
Bluescape Pool and Spa
Bluescape Pool and Spa